Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Holy Items Part 1

Speaking of Ritual Items, what is considered as Holy Ritual Items? These Items are normally blessed or normally Blessed Items that is used by Holy Gurus on theit normal daily or ritual practice.

How do we define the Blessed Items? Blessed items have received blessings and these blessings are on anything which is able to open up “something” within us and it will inspire us to be going forward to a much more positive way of living and encourages the “universal qualities” of being compassion, altruism, love and peace.

That “something” in us may be a lot of things, it may have been our previous life’s prayers or something that we had engaged in strongly and this consciousness remains in our mind even it has been one life time away.

Receiving these blessings from Highly Realized Guru can causes the imprint in our minds to grow such that we can continue our journey on the path we have chosen. One of the way of grow these imprints is to See, Touch and Feel these holy objects.

Holy items and the relics are being holy not because of the thousands of prayers that we recited using them but because of these items are imbued with Special Energies of the Guru that owned them.

The Holy Lamas, whom these items belongs to are revered and as well as respected as a Holy People who have

- Taken and held their monastic vows for decades
- Engaged in the everyday practices which is prescribed by their Lamas to transform their minds
- Reciting mantras and prayers continuously in conjunction with all the necessary visualisations, as set out and also practised by generations of spiritual masters before them.

Through all these practices and keeping clear and pure commitments, these rare and Holy Lamas have attained a level where they have the Special ability to strive continuously towards benefits of all sentient beings and generating the qualities of generosity, kindness, compassion, endurance, patience, forgiveness and peace.

By doing this, the mind which they embody, had extends to every single thing about them, everything items that a Holy Guru or Beings touches, uses or does with wholehearted and pure motivation in order to benefit others.

Interested to know more? wait for Holy Items Part 2

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